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[cdt-dev] Loading Dynamic Build Congfiguration IDs

Hi - I'm having trouble finding a solution for loading build
configuration IDs dynamically when the IDE starts up.
Our current requirement is that we must support the same build
configuration multiple times within the same project.
In order to support this, when DefaultManagedConfigElement.getAttribute(
) asks for the configruation ID (IConfiguration.ID) we supply (override)
a unique ID for the build configuration, but otherwise we re-use the
rest of the defintion from the build configuration.

The problems comes about when the IDE has restarted. Our augmented build
configurations are loaded _after_ the first project has been created and
path entries are resolved, leaving the first project in the workspace
corrupted. (The problem only occurs when project tree in the workbench
is discolsed and path entires are being resolved. If projects were left
in the non-disclosed state there isn't a problem).

I looked at implementing IManagedConfigElementProvider, which actually
does the trick of loading my dynamic config IDs early. However, I think
in order provide the configuration elements dynamically it is expecting
entirely new configruations whereas I only want to re-use existing ones
with a dynamically provided configuration ID. Either that or I don't
understand how IManagedConfigElementProvider.getConfigElements() is
really supposed to be used.

What I am looking at is a way to get my plugin to create Configration(s)
before the project's path entries are resolved so the correct parent
configuration will be recognized.
I'm stumped on how to do this so any ideas would be appreaciated.

Tim Kelly
Nokia Developer Tools

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