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Re: [cdt-dev] Attach Debugger to a running process

Yes, it is. When you attach to a running process, the process is interrupted and all threads are suspended. The selected thread is the one the backend debugger reports as a current.

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Subject: RE: [cdt-dev] Attach Debugger to a running process

When I attach the debugger to a running process, I see  the first 3 or 4
threads refers to the system calls & then comes our program
as seen in the attached image. Due to this , until I click on  (3) in
the attached image, I don't see the source code getting
highlighted in the editor. Is this an expected behaviour?

I am seeing similar behaviour on Windows & SUSE Linux.


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You didnĀ“t try, did you?

1)  "Run" --> "Debug"
2)  create a new debug config of type "C/C++ Attach to Local
3)  Select Project
4)  Select Binary
5)  Select Debugger
6)  Click "Apply"
7)  Click "Debug"
CDT will present you a list of running processes.
8)  Select the appropriate one
9)  Debug....


Am Montag, 29. August 2005 13:02 schrieb "Balasubramaniyan K"
<balask@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [RE: [cdt-dev] Attach Debugger to a running

I am not sure if we can attach a running process with its pid (process
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