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[cdt-dev] Embedded Track at EclipseCon 2006!

Hey gang,


The embedded marketing working group is always trying to raise the profile of Eclipse in the embedded market. To that end, we'd like to try to reach out to more embedded market attendees at EclipseCon 2006, particularly as the event is being held in the San Jose area, a hot bed for embedded hardware and software development. We're working with the EclipseCon planning committee to elevate our presence and contributions at this event. Specifically we're hoping to do the following:


- organize a dedicated part of the show floor for "embedded" exhibitors (an embedded pavillion)

- organize a "virtual track" on the conference agenda, featuring content specific to the cares and concerns of the embedded developer

    -project presentations

    -panel discussions

    -BOF sessions


Last year, we didn't formalize our contributions and while we had a great list of suggested talks, we don't think many of them made it to the formal submission process.  This year we'd like to reach out to committers for (a) content ideas and (b) volunteers to drive submissions. We're also very interested in any creative ideas for panels, especially those that show the use of Eclipse in the embedded market. And of course, if you're interested in a particular topic for a BOF, please let us know.


The embedded marketing working group would like to host a conference call to brain-storm around topics. At a minimum, I will be on the call to help "chair" this discussion. We’d definitely need members of the CDT community to participate in this so please attend yourself and/or pass on this invite to your marketing people.


Wed, Oct 12, 2005

Noon (EST)


Call in details: 



Passcode: 880932#



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