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Re: [cdt-dev] How can I properly add an IPathEntry to an ICProject?

> Hi Devin,
> =20
> The managed build system is not capable of setting the "includePath" MBS
> option values from the list of the CDT include path entries, but on the
> contrary MBS automatically add include paths stored in the "includePath"
> options to the set of project path entries.

Right, and this is something that is bothering me.  We provide an API
that is no tied to any build mechanisms so you can add/remove new include paths
macros etc and other information.  The MBS never implemented the extension.
It is to late for the CDT-3.0 but it something I would like to tackle at one
point, there are too much loose ends and basically no integration of the MBS to
the rest of CDT, even the UI is different and confusing to the users when
switching to different builders.

> If I understood you correctly, what you need to do is to add the Include
> path value to the "includePath" option of your compiler tool rather than
> adding the path entry directly. This will make the include paths you
> specified in the option be added to the tool invocation command while
> generating the makefile. The values you specified will be automatically
> translated to the path entries and added to the list of project path
> entries, so you don't need to add the path entry to the project
> directly, because MBS will do it for you.

Agreed.  But the other way should have work as well doing thing this
way make you dependent on all of the internals of one builder.
IMO, doing this:

Should work and hide the kitchen work.

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