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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 Project call reminder for June 23

Notes From June 23 call. 

*Licensing: there are 700 files that need to be modified - in Core and UI.
DougS is going to look at these ones
*Licensing: the goal is still to have all licensing updates completed for
*Issues: There are 23 RC1 bugs that need to be fixed by Monday morning.
*Build: The build will be done on Monday.  Any subsequent builds will only
be done once the bug count is zero for RC1. 
*Issues: The issues with a Milestone of "3.0"  need to triaged sooner rather
than later.   These issues will hold up the final release if they are not
*Documentation: the docs have not been updated and are in need of it.
Developers are of course focusing on bug fixing right now and do not have
time for the docs.  We could make the  RC3 (July 27) date be the  milestone
for code freeze and set a subsequent Milestone for final release two weeks
later.  The additional two weeks would be for documentation updates only.
This will be proposed on the news group.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 Project call reminder for June 23
> We have our biweekly CDT 3.0 call tomorrow ( June 23 ) 13:00 EDT
> The call in information is below
> Call in for Ottawa people 787-5021
> Toll free: 1 866 792-1313
> Conference id: 2458079
> Agenda
> -Progress on issues
> -Milestone RC1 scheduled for Monday June 27
> -Progress on licensing - target completion is RC1
> Minutes from June 13, 2005  Project call
> *	Build: Build is under way however there are issues with some junit
> scripts.  Doug is going to turn these scripts off so we can get a build
> out
> for testing (done).
> *	Issues: There are roughly 115 issues opened against M7 and RC1.  All
> issues not fixed for M7, need to be moved forward to the appropriate
> milestone or fixed.
> *	Issues: All committers have been asked to review the mailbox items
> that have been moved forward in order to ensure we have not over looked
> anything critical.
> *	Licensing: The Licensing information needs to be updated for the
> source files, the license.html for the CDT feature and the
> file for all plug-ins.  DougS is going to raise a PR
> for
> this in order to track closure prior to release (done 99744).  We should
> aim
> to have this work complete by RC1 (June 27).  David Inglis is going to
> look
> at a RelEng-plugin from the platform team that may facilitate in this
> effort, Dave will post his findings to the newsgroup.
> *	Next Project Close Out call June 23 13:00EST
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