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Re: [cdt-dev] Managing a Combined Java/C Project With JNI

>>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan DeBardeleben <ndebard@xxxxxxxx> writes:

Nathan> Just a quick and hopefully simple question.  Are there any mechanisms
Nathan> in CDT or Eclipse proper to help manage JNI projects?  I know a few of
Nathan> the projects like CDT and TPTP utilize JNI (don't they?) so how do the
Nathan> developers handle this?

I don't think there are any built-in Eclipse facilities to help with
JNI.  There is a PR for this though, you might want to join it.

I'm not sure how other folks handle this.  In my multi-language
project (which is somewhat hairier than just some JNI code) I ended up
adding new builders to the java project.  This seems to work ok.


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