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[cdt-dev] Managing a Combined Java/C Project With JNI

Just a quick and hopefully simple question. Are there any mechanisms in CDT or Eclipse proper to help manage JNI projects? I know a few of the projects like CDT and TPTP utilize JNI (don't they?) so how do the developers handle this?

I'm looking for ways to manage the 'javah' headers that are generated as well as placing C and Java source code in the same project. I imagine there's no clean way around having to switch perspectives when I want to switch from editing my Java to editing my C, but still all the different steps that are involved in making JNI libraries (header generation, stub generation, library generation, setting classpaths, etc) seem like something someone would have looked at in Eclipse by now.

I've seen a number of similar posts in places on different lists with no answer that really sounded concrete so thought I'd goto a group that I believe uses JNI in their development.

Thanks for taking the time.

-- Nathan
Nathan DeBardeleben, Ph.D.
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Parallel Tools Team
High Performance Computing Environments
phone: 505-667-3428
email: ndebard@xxxxxxxx

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