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[cdt-dev] Code Assist in 3.0M6

Hi all,


i have tried to develop a QT ( ) application using CDT 3.0M6 / Windows / QT 3.3.4 – and I noticed that the source completion didn’t really do much for me (It recognized the classes, but no parameter hints, no constructor hints etc). While I know that the Code Assist is a work-in-progress, it would be interesting to see why Code Assist worked quite solid for me so far, but fails (tried the new and old Code Assist) so bad for the QT headers. It may be related to their special header macros or something.


What is the CDT code assist strategy in a nutshell? If it cannot parse a line in a header file, will it give up on the files, or are there recovery points? If there is a design document for this component, could someone kindly point me to it? I may be interested in helping out, if the thing is not too obscure J


thanks for any help/clues on this,


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