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RE: [cdt-dev] Monthly Call

Of course, this is pretty much a standing item on the agenda for which their has been little input


Earlier this year we agreed that we would have an interim release about 4-5 months after CDT 3.0.  So far, Intel and IBM have indicated they will have content and it will mostly be bug fixes.


Next June we will have another significant release to line up with the Eclipse Platform release; we need to start to define the content for this release.


On a related note, I would also like to organize a CDT working conference early this fall. EclipseeCon is great as it creates a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but once a year just isn't enough for a distributed project like CDT.  This could be a couple of days where we would concentrate on things that need to be moved forward and are best expedited through face to face meetings. The working sessions could include such things as: future release planning, technology presentations, design discussion, opportunities with other projects, strategies, mutli-language support, debugger evolution etc.   Give it some thought I would like to hear what people think and their ideas.


Other items for tomorrow:

  1. Update on debugger meeting in Chicago. Alain
  2. CDT 3.0 review schedule, I don't really expect a change at this point.
  3. CDT 3.0 scope update  for M7(RC0) additions, deletions
  4. confirmation on close out strategy for M7, DaveD posting
  5. Release Plan next 12 months
  6. CDT fall conference


BTW If any one else has agenda items please respond to this thread.





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Hi Derrick,

Did you already put an agenda for this meeting? Will it possible to include an agenda item to discuss the timeline for future CDT releases after 3.0 release on July'05? For example, release plan for next 12 months.


On 5/2/05, Derrick Keefe <dkeefe@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The monthly call will be Thursday May 5 13:00 EST
Call in for Ottawa people 787-5021
Toll free: 1 866 792-1313
Conference id: 2458079
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