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RE: [cdt-dev] Monthly Call

Regarding post 3.0 releases, Intel remains interested in an
intermediate release in ~6 month timeframe.  For the MBS, our
intentions for this release would be:
 o  Get the bug backlog down
 o  Work on making MBS a component for both CDT & FDT
 o  Add additional functionality as time/resources allow


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Hi Derrick,

Did you already put an agenda for this meeting? Will it possible to
include an agenda item to discuss the timeline for future CDT releases
after 3.0 release on July'05? For example, release plan for next 12

On 5/2/05, Derrick Keefe <dkeefe@xxxxxxx> wrote:
The monthly call will be Thursday May 5 13:00 EST
Call in for Ottawa people 787-5021
Toll free: 1 866 792-1313
Conference id: 2458079
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