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Re: Fw: [cdt-dev] Ada in CDT

Quentin Ochem <ochem@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 04/22/2005 01:18:27 PM:

> Douglas Schaefer wrote:
> That's interesting, indeed. Concerning the Ada parsing, one of the idea 
> was to re-use some capabilities of the AdaCore IDE, GPS, written in Ada, 

> through a dll or a client/server system (GPS would be a server there, 
> without any graphical interface). So the question is : how would it 
> possible to put GPS structures into the CDT ones. Could you point me on 
> the CDT code where does thoses parse information are managed ?

Your idea is interesting as well. Right now our C and C++ parsers are in 
Java in with the org.eclipse.cdt.core plugin. I am still concerned about 
the performance of Java in this situation and have contemplated on and off 
porting it into C++ in a native dll/so.

The parser produces an AST which can be found in org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom 
and below. The question I have is whether there is a level of the 
interfaces that can be extracted and reused in an AST for other languages. 
The key interfaces used by our UI features include IBinding (representing 
a logical concept in the language) and IASTName (representing an 
identifier in the code that declares or refers to an IBinding).


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