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Re: Fw: [cdt-dev] Ada in CDT

Douglas Schaefer wrote:

Here is kind of the close of a debate I had with one of the guys interested in doing Fortran with the CDT. My main interest in the CDT is parsing and the cool features we make that take advantage of parse information. I am curious how hard it would be to parse Ada (I have the RM handy) and provide the parse information in a format that the features we've built for the CDT will work with it.

That's interesting, indeed. Concerning the Ada parsing, one of the idea was to re-use some capabilities of the AdaCore IDE, GPS, written in Ada, through a dll or a client/server system (GPS would be a server there, without any graphical interface). So the question is : how would it possible to put GPS structures into the CDT ones. Could you point me on the CDT code where does thoses parse information are managed ?

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