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[cdt-dev] Re: Managed Build Process Environment and Build Paths proposal

I had a look through the proposal and it looks good. I also think it is compatible with the Shared Tools Option proposal.

The only area where there might be a problem are in the interfaces IConfigurationEnvironmentVariableSupplier and the IProjectEnvironmentVariableSupplier. They both return a set of IBuildEnvironmentVariable objects which appear to be a constant (name, value) tuple. In fact all dependencies with regards to build configuration and project have been moved to the build variable providers.

The Shared Tools Option proposal is basically providing the capability to link an MBS option to a class that implements IBuildEnvironmentVariable and provides extra capabilities, such as the capability to set the value. This means that the value returned by IBuildEnvironmentVariable.getValue() essentially could change when the "Environments Variables" tab of the "C/C++ build property tab" looses focus. This means it would have to always re-read the values when it gets the focus, to ensure that correct values are displayed. So as long as  IBuildEnvironmentVariable objects are assumed NOT to be constant we should be fine.

I have a further question, which is not answered by the proposal. Will build macros - either user defined or tool integrator defined - be emitted into the makefile that is generated by GnuMakefileGenerator? The answer seems to be no as the spec does not say anything, but I wanted to double-check.

Best Regards
-- Lars

[cdt-dev] Managed Build Process Environment and Build Paths proposal  

From: "Sennikovsky, Mikhail" <mikhail.sennikovsky@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:25:08 +0300
Delivered-to: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Thread-index: AcUkmHZEtTi1dU+mSeO0uDvqP3mI7QHU+ofg
Thread-topic: Managed Build Process Environment and Build Paths proposal

Hi All,


I have added that Bugzilla enhancement request with the Managed Build Process Environment and Build Paths design attached, see the Bug 88497:

( )



The Managed Build Process Environment and Build Paths support is one of the MBS enhancements planned to be implemented in the Managed Build System (MBS) for the CDT 3.0 release (see also "Proposed Managed Build System functionality for CDT 3.0" ( ))

I also hope that this design may be not just limited it to the MBS, but could be also used by other CDT community members to generally improve CDT.


Thank you



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