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[cdt-dev] gdb debug, stepping into opens wrong file

I have a problem debugging a algorithm project I'm working on. There are serveral versions of this algorithm structured in folders as show below.

<project root>/thorupextended/
<project root>/thorupnegativecycles/
thoruptest.cpp (test program including main method)

The thoruptest program calls a method located in the thorupextended.cpp file. During debugging when I step into this method the thorupextended.cpp file located in <project root>/thorupextended/ is opened instead of the one located in <project root>/thorupnegativecycles. Is this a misconfiguration and if so how can I fix it ???

My configuration
- Linux FC3
- Eclipse 3.0.1
- CDT 2.1
- g++ 3.4.2
- gdb 6.1

Thanks in advance

Mikael Andersen

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