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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-test-dev] CDT3.0 M5 candidate (build I200503150300) sanity test

> Ok.
> I tried the CDT build I200503160300 on Windows 2003 server using IBM JRE=20
> 1.4.2 and cygwin 3.3.3.
> Indexer:    ok
> Search: ok
> Content Assist: ok
> Context Search: ok
> 88127: FIXED & VERIFIED (bug needs to be updated in bugzilla)
> 88110: REPRODUCEABLE (Build Automatically ON or off -> does not matter &=20
> Indexer set to the old one)
> 88121: Could not reproduce it but Alain said it was a race condition ->=20
> Not always reproduceable.
> 88130: Can't seem to reproduce this one.
> 87982: FIXED & VERIFIED (bug needs to be updated in bugzilla)
> Opinion:  I feel that 88110 does not block CDT M5 but it is a big nuisance =
> for the sanity test.


The problem with 88110, is when importing "old" project i.e. project's .cdtbuild needs to be
convert to the new format.

 - if the project  is outside of the workspace, the result may be
   exception about resource lock/busy, followed by NPEs

 - if the project is inside of the workspace, it will always fail.

Some of the Sanity tests have the old managed build project format, which triggers the bug.

> Hope this helps.

Yes, thanks

+1 for M5.

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