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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-test-dev] CDT3.0 M5 candidate (build I200503150300) sanity test : Red Flag -> Tried 200503160300


I tried the CDT build I200503160300 on Windows 2003 server using IBM JRE 1.4.2 and cygwin 3.3.3.

Indexer:    ok
Search: ok
Content Assist: ok
Context Search: ok

88127: FIXED & VERIFIED (bug needs to be updated in bugzilla)
88110: REPRODUCEABLE (Build Automatically ON or off -> does not matter & Indexer set to the old one)

88121: Could not reproduce it but Alain said it was a race condition -> Not always reproduceable.
88130: Can't seem to reproduce this one.
87982: FIXED & VERIFIED (bug needs to be updated in bugzilla)

Opinion:  I feel that 88110 does not block CDT M5 but it is a big nuisance for the sanity test.

Hope this helps.

Mathieu Lapensée
Software Verification Developer
IBM - SWG - Rational Division

James Tan <jtan@xxxxxxx>
Sent by: cdt-test-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

03/15/2005 06:11 PM

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"'cdt-test-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx'" <cdt-test-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[cdt-test-dev] CDT3.0 M5 candidate (build  I200503150300) sanity test : Red Flag


Just a quick update on sanity test on CDT build I200503150300.  

Based on the bugs found today, the CDT3.0 build I200503150300 is not
sanitized. Another sanity test is needed.

New Bugs:

88127: ResourceException from the indexer
88110: NPE from managebuilder when importing a cdt 2.0.0 project into cdt3.0
workspace (failed to convert managed make project from 2.0.0 to 2.1)
88121: multiple entries for same project show in C/C++ project view
88130: Error log: closing one project and restart the workbench

Reopened bugs:
Reopened: 87982: Error log is generated when selecting project properties
indexer option


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