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RE: [cdt-dev] Feedback on "Multiple Tool Inputs and Outputs design"

In addition to the feedback from Lars (who thought of a lot of the same things I did so I won’t bother rehasing them):


InputDetail Schema

  • Just a comment:  although I can imagine some interesting ways of utilizing it, I don’t know how much people are going to use the Input etail element in their toolchain plugins as a static definition. This is probably the source of some of Lars’ confusion.   I am assuming Leo is not really intending this element for this purpose and really this is intended for use as an internal model element which is going to be utilized by some sort of “link order properties editor” type thing.  The idea is that this element would be created on a per-resource basis prior to project build as the user changes the settings on various source files to exclude them from build, customize their link order, etc.


  • Q:  What are we doing to provide for a default GUI for editing the input ordering?


OutputType Schema

  • Re: the “option” element, what happens if I specify null?  Does this still put the name of the output on the command line?  A lot of our tools will automagically name the output files based on the output file and don’t allow you to specify the output name of these files, so not only can you not provide the filename with a flag, but you can’t provide the name at all as this is illegal usage of the tool.




Chris Recoskie

Software Designer

IDE Frameworks Group

Texas Instruments, Toronto



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please find attached some feedback. The proposal looks good (-:
-- Lars

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Please respond to






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Hi All,
I have added a Bugzilla enhancement request with the Multiple Tool Inputs and Outputs design attached - see the Bug 87673:
The multiple tool inputs and outputs support is one of the MBS enhancements planned to be implemented in the Managed Build System (MBS) for
the CDT 3.0 release (see also "Proposed Managed Build System functionality for CDT 3.0" ( ))

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