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[cdt-dev] Question on testing CDT and Eclipse in general

at EclipseCon my line manager (Antony Edwards) had a chat with some of you as to how Symbian could contribute to the CDT effort. One area which was initially discussed is that Symbian could contribute doing some testing and developing test harnesses. Before we can commit to anything, we would like to understand better what is involved in detail and what test strategies other CDT contributors use.

As far as I can see there are several areas of testing which can be done:

(1) Junit tests, mostly for back-end (i.e. core functionality) and unit testing. This seems straightforward as long as no user-interaction is involved and I guess that is the level at which most test suites work right now. Please correct me if I am wrong. It also seems that Junit can be used to do some limited UI testing, but that seems to be quite a cumbersome approach - particularly when you want to test whether a dialog/property page behaves currectly when a certain button has been pressed, etc.

(2) Integration testing and testing of UI elements: Because Eclipse/CDT does not support scripting the only way of automatically testing higher level functionality and interactions is to use a test tool that works based on emitting mouse and keyboard events and capturing screenshots. We only really know testQuest; and testQuest is not really suitable for desktop applications. An initial sweep on the web has shown that there does not seem to be a SWT test framework available. Is anybody using any such tools and what experiences have you made?

Any feedback would be welcome.

Best Regards

Lars Kurth
Technology Architect, Core Toolchain
Symbian Software Ltd

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