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[cdt-dev] Parser: Include handling

Hi folks,

it most likely doesn't work yet, but will the parser/scanner/whatso'ever
will be able to handle includes a different way than now.

Here, we do only include files in .c-modules, not .h-files. Though,
everytime, the parser stumbles over some unknown datatype, its marked
yellow. Even though, when all includes are handled in the .c-module, the
headers are marked over and over with yellow hints.

Is there a way, to have the .h-files not parsed on its own, but only through
.c-module-inclusion? If in one module in case of missing inclusions, a
symbol is not defined, then one can mark the symbol as unkown.

Though, assuming:
global.h - typedefs like typedef unsigned char ubyte;
a.h      - no includes here, e.g. declares ubyte a_func();
b.h      - here neither, e.g. declares bit b_func(uword uw_b, bit n);
a.c      - include global.h, a.h (maybe b.h), e.g. uses a_func(), b_func()
b.c      - include global.h, b.h, e.g. uses b_func()
c.c      - include global.h, whatabout extern ubyte a_func();?


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