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AW: AW: [cdt-dev] problem to add an error parser to a toolchain


> Ok,  try with the Standard Make project, and enable
> your NewErrorParser in the Property of the project(or with
> the wizard during creation).  It looks like your NewErrorParser
> was not register in the ErrorParserManager by the builder.
> By default, your new parser is probably disable.

I tried it with a new standard project now. Within this project, I enabled the parsers 'GCCErrorParser', 'IARErrorParser' and 'NewErrorParser'.

From the ErrorParserManager the constructor 'ErrorParserManager(IProject project, IPath workingDirectory, IMarkerGenerator markerGenerator, String[] parsersIDs)' was called, wich builds the list with the error parsers. The attribute 'value' of the entries of the 'GCCErrorParser' and the 'IARErrorParser' is shown as 'IErrorParser[1]', the attribute 'value' of the NewErrorParser is shown as 'IErrorParser[0]'.

> This should rule out an error in the ErrorParserManager class.

Maybe. Can you give me an hint, how I can locate the error?

Meaning the ErrorParserManager is instanciated by the Builder
with a list of parser ids(the parsers are enable/disable usually
in the UI property).

> Maybe a PR to track this down ?

Please, what is a 'PR'? 

Best regards,
  Ralf Ebert

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