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[cdt-dev] extending the toolchain


I extended the toolchain and added my own tool. The tool is called properly when building a project, so this works. However, I run into quite some trouble when the target of the makefile is build. The rule there says that it should simply add all objects. Nothing wrong with that, but objects generated with my tool are not recognized properly. The problem is that my tool generates a file with a prefix (output prefix). However, the objects pulled in the target rule do not reflect this prefix.

If I have a source file "foo.b", my tool generates "prefix_foo.u". I.e. that the target step tries to pull in "foo.u" which does of course not exists.

The stuff which breaks it is in GnuMakefileGenerator. You generate a rule:

 * Create the pattern rule in the format:
 * <relative_path>/%.<outputExtension>: $(ROOT)/<relative_path>/%.<inputExtension>

instead it should be:
 * <relative_path>/<outputPrefix>%.<outputExtension>: $(ROOT)/<relative_path>/%.<inputExtension>

So, in the file we should get something like:

OBJS := ... $(B_SRCS:$(ROOT)/%.b=prefix_%.u)

and in the file:

prefix_%.u: $(ROOT)/%.b
	@echo 'Building file: $<'

Another question: Is it possible to add a tool/compiler which generates something which should not be linked to the target, because the compiler does not generate any object code?

Kind regards,


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