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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-core-dev] Initial CDT 3.0 plans

I checked this plan into CVS (with a few modifications) and updated the project management page to point at it.

        - Dave

Thomas Fletcher <ThomasF@xxxxxxx>
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12/20/2004 09:29 PM

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[cdt-core-dev] Initial CDT 3.0 plans


Derrick Keefe and I have been working out some of the rough details for the
CDT 3.0 release.  We meant to have a CDT 3.0 planning session last week but
seems that the Christmas release schedule has caught up with us here at QNX.

So rather than an initial conference call, I'm going to throw a draft plan
out there for general comment and we will be able to comment on it formally
in the January conference call (which with Christmas is not all that far

Some note on the content:  
- I've not committed anyone to anything at this stage, it is up to you to
that you want to take an item from proposed to committed.  
- I've taken the liberty of seeding certain activities in the proposal area.
are all items that have been culled from Bugzilla or from previous
discussions on
the mailing list or from direct CDT user experience feedback.
- Nothing is written in stone.  We decide on this plan (and more importantly
execution) as a community and as the first paragraphs indicate "plans are
entirely static".  

So with that said ... Here is the first cut.

CDT 3.0: Let the Good Times Roll!

[attachment "cdt_project_plan_3_0.html" deleted by David Daoust/Ottawa/IBM]

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