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[cdt-dev] Bugzilla 69063,79877

Please, forgive me for the interfering.

I personally think that all the parser problems (source navigation) are of the 
first importance, as these are the things that a programmer use very very 
Many of the features/enhancements I see mentioned in the plan are very good 
and nice, but we as a programmers learned to live somehow (OK, OK, not so 
comfortable) without them by doing these manually. These are not big 
problems, as they occur relatively rare.
Even the speed is not so important IMHO, just it should work.

Also the following search/navigation options on an identifier XXX may be very 
- find all references to XXX
- find all local references to XXX
- find all writes to XXX
- find all reads of XXX

Again, sorry if my break-in is not in the place.

Leon M.Pollak
leonp at plris dot com

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