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Re: [cdt-dev] I would like to request one more MBS fix be included in the 2.1 build

> Hi All,
> I realize that people need the 2.1 release soon, but we have come across a 
> usability bug that we would like to address before we release, 
> The implication of doing this is that we will require one more RC build 
> and a bit of soak time if anything else has gone in since RC8. I want to 
> be clear that not putting this fix in will cause us some support grief, so 
> it is not a frivolous problem. I would like to hear from the committers on 
> this ASAP. Please let me know if you can live with the delay. Thanks,

Was RC7 out ?
If this is a show stopper or some annoying bug for the user, ... go,
a build is not expensive(costs one click according to Doug).

 "make it so number 1"

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