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CDT regression testing (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 RC6 Now Available for Testing)


A general question on testing: is there a regression occurring on these
builds using the test cases that have been created?  If so, how often do
the regressions run?  Regression testing on a regular basis would give a
good feel on the quality levels of a release and I'd be interested in
finding out more about testing efforts.


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Hey gang,

I've cut another RC build to pick up the fixes for bugs 80620 and 79678.

I'll check again on Tuesday morning and see if there have been any more
changes before I will call for a vote on GA (notice the hint, anyone can
call a vote earlier if they wish, especially if they know better that
there will be no more changes ;-)

Build is available at:

Doug Schaefer, IBM's Technical Lead, Eclipse CDT Ottawa Lab, IBM Canada,
Rational Software Division
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