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RE: New and Noteworthy (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs f ound)

Awesome Leo!  I'll add in your comments and send out an update
later today/tonight.


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>Subject: RE: New and Noteworthy (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - 
>Zarro Boogs found)
>Here is a What's New section for Managed Build System:
>Managed Build System (MBS):
>* MBS uses a new model for defining tool-chain integrations.  Refer to
>  the Managed Build System Extensibility document for details.  It can
>  be found in the CDT on-line help at Concepts -> Build -> 
>Managed Build
>  Extensibility Document.
>    * Old model definitions continue to be supported.
>    * The new model should be used in the future since not all new 
>      functionality will be available from the old model.  In general,
>      no significant effort will be expended in making new 
>      work with the old model manifest files.  However, in some cases, 
>      new functionality will automatically work with old model manifest
>      files.  The new functionality in this release appears to 
>work with
>      old model manifest files.  The GNU tool-chain definition 
>has been 
>      updated to use the new model.
>    * Old model project (.cdtbuild) files are converted upon approval
>      by the end-user.  Converted project files will no longer 
>work with
>      CDT 2.0.
>* MBS now supports file-specific tool command line options:
>    * A specific file in a configuration can use different tool options
>      than the rest of the files in the configuration.
>    * A specific file can be excluded from the build of a 
>* There are new attributes that add flexibility to tool command line
>  Generation.  Details can be found in the Managed Build System
>  Extensibility document.
>    * Tool.commandLinePattern:  Specifies a command "pattern" that
>      indicates how the parts of the command line are used to 
>create the
>      entire command line.
>    * Tool.commandLineGenerator:  The name of a class that implements 
>      IManagedCommandLineGenerator.  This interface allows complete
>      control over the command line.
>    * Option.command:  The command provides a "pattern" for specifying
>      where the value should be placed for options of type string and
>      stringlist.
>      The pattern can contain the replaceable variable VALUE.  If no 
>      ${VALUE} is specified in the command, the option value 
>is appended
>      to the end of the specified command (as happens in CDT 2.0).
>  Modified UI:
>    * Error parsers are no longer selectable in the project creation
>      wizard.
>      This is because error parsers are set per-configuration, and 
>      per-configuration changes are made via the property page.
>    * C/C++ Build page of MBS project properties now contains 
>all of the
>      per-configuration settings for the project.  There are 4 
>tabs for 
>      Tool Settings, Build Settings, Error Parsers, and Binary Parsers.
>      Note that binary parsers are not yet applied per configuration
>      because the rest of CDT is not currently set up to handle it.
>    * File properties now contains a C/C++ Build page where the tool
>      options for a particular file can be set.
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>Subject: New and Noteworthy (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs
>I've been a bit out of the loop for the 2.1 release, but I've 
>taken Dave Inglis's what's new comments and put them together 
>in a new/noteworthy document to go with the CDT 2.0 release.
>Please take a look at this and drop me a mail 
>(thomasf@xxxxxxx) to let me know what items I've missed or 
>overlooked.  Specifically Sean and Leo if you guys
>have some inputs on the MBS then I can fill that in (right now 
>I've got nothing there).
>Don't worry about the screenshots ... they'll be set up 
>properly in the next drop.
> Thomas
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>> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs found
>> Congrats everyone! We've hit zero. Mind you there's no 
>guarantee that 
>> it will stay that way but we are well on our way. I'll cut a 
>> (hopefully) final RC build and we can begin the final round of 
>> testing.
>> Doug Schaefer, IBM's Technical Lead, Eclipse CDT Ottawa Lab, IBM 
>> Canada, Rational Software Division 
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