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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 RC5 Now Available for Testing: no access to

> Hallo,
> I made a first test to the CDT - RC5 version. Good work to get rid of so
> many bugs. 
> >From my private bug list, the Xlinker issue is gone. Although it seems that
> the string with comma ("Xlinker, <xxx>") is used during the first start of
> CDT after installation. I changed some preference options and suddenly the
> correct string "Xlinker <xxx>" was used (any explanation for this?).
> However I recognized a problem to display global variables. When you debug
> an application you can display values of variables on different way: 
> (1) you browse through the source code. When your mouse hits a (local or
> global) variable, the value of this variable is shown. This works well.
> (2) you can use the variable window to display the local variables of a
> procedure (works also). In addition, you can add global variables to this
> view. This doesn't seem to work. The exception shown below happens and no
> global variable is added to this view.
> I did not test this before. I had a discussion with a collegue. It looks
> like way (2) works with CDT 2.0.2 (she is using this version). The problem
> may be 2.1 related.

I can see a NPE if "nm" is not in your path and if you use the CygwinPEBinaryParser
But that I can not reproduce your backTrace.
Please fill a PR with the relevant information and a testcase will be welcome.

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