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RE: New and Noteworthy (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs found)


Here is a What's New section for Managed Build System:

Managed Build System (MBS):

* MBS uses a new model for defining tool-chain integrations.  Refer to
  the Managed Build System Extensibility document for details.  It can 
  be found in the CDT on-line help at Concepts -> Build -> Managed Build

  Extensibility Document.
    * Old model definitions continue to be supported.
    * The new model should be used in the future since not all new 
      functionality will be available from the old model.  In general,
      no significant effort will be expended in making new functionality
      work with the old model manifest files.  However, in some cases, 
      new functionality will automatically work with old model manifest
      files.  The new functionality in this release appears to work with

      old model manifest files.  The GNU tool-chain definition has been 
      updated to use the new model.
    * Old model project (.cdtbuild) files are converted upon approval
      by the end-user.  Converted project files will no longer work with
      CDT 2.0.
* MBS now supports file-specific tool command line options:
    * A specific file in a configuration can use different tool options
      than the rest of the files in the configuration.
    * A specific file can be excluded from the build of a configuration.

* There are new attributes that add flexibility to tool command line  
  Generation.  Details can be found in the Managed Build System 
  Extensibility document.
    * Tool.commandLinePattern:  Specifies a command "pattern" that
      indicates how the parts of the command line are used to create the

      entire command line.
    * Tool.commandLineGenerator:  The name of a class that implements 
      IManagedCommandLineGenerator.  This interface allows complete
      control over the command line.
    * Option.command:  The command provides a "pattern" for specifying
      where the value should be placed for options of type string and
      The pattern can contain the replaceable variable VALUE.  If no 
      ${VALUE} is specified in the command, the option value is appended
      to the end of the specified command (as happens in CDT 2.0).

  Modified UI:
    * Error parsers are no longer selectable in the project creation
      This is because error parsers are set per-configuration, and 
      per-configuration changes are made via the property page.
    * C/C++ Build page of MBS project properties now contains all of the
      per-configuration settings for the project.  There are 4 tabs for 
      Tool Settings, Build Settings, Error Parsers, and Binary Parsers.
      Note that binary parsers are not yet applied per configuration
      because the rest of CDT is not currently set up to handle it.
    * File properties now contains a C/C++ Build page where the tool
      options for a particular file can be set.


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Subject: New and Noteworthy (was RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs

I've been a bit out of the loop for the 2.1 release, but I've taken Dave
what's new comments and put them together in a new/noteworthy document
to go
the CDT 2.0 release.

Please take a look at this and drop me a mail (thomasf@xxxxxxx) to let
what items I've missed or overlooked.  Specifically Sean and Leo if you

have some inputs on the MBS then I can fill that in (right now I've got

Don't worry about the screenshots ... they'll be set up properly in the


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT 2.1 - Zarro Boogs found
> Congrats everyone! We've hit zero. Mind you there's no 
> guarantee that it will stay that way but we are well on our 
> way. I'll cut a (hopefully) final RC build and we can begin 
> the final round of testing.
> Doug Schaefer, IBM's Technical Lead, Eclipse CDT Ottawa Lab, 
> IBM Canada, Rational Software Division 
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