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Re: [cdt-dev] Fw: Opening of empty file in editor when clicked on a problem in problem view.

Here are a couple bugs I reported against linked resources:

Though, neither exactly describe your issue.  This may be another example
of the CDT not handling linked resources correctly.  I would encourage you
to add this to bugzilla so we can get as many of these linked resource
problems as possible solved.  Also, you may want to test the above bugs,
and if they are a problem for you go ahead and vote for them.  :)


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Hello All,
I'm using Eclipse 3.0 and CDT 2.0.1.

When there are syntax errors in C/C++ code, I select a problem in the list
shown in the "Problem" view, open its context menu and select Go To , an
empty file is opened in the editor.
This is seen only when the files of the project are  added using the links
after project creation.i.e.
1. Create a new C/C++ project.
2. Add the files using New --> Folder ."Link to folder in the file system".

However, there is no such problem  encountered when a set of java files are
added in a similar manner.

Let me know if this kind of error is logged in bugzilla , if not then I can
log the same .


Philips Semiconductors / CTO / Design Technology Group


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