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[cdt-dev] Fw: Opening of empty file in editor when clicked on a problem in problem view.

Hello All,
I'm using Eclipse 3.0 and CDT 2.0.1.

When there are syntax errors in C/C++ code, I select a problem in the list
shown in the "Problem" view, open its context menu and select Go To , an
empty file is opened in the editor.
This is seen only when the files of the project are  added using the links
after project creation.i.e.
1. Create a new C/C++ project.
2. Add the files using New --> Folder ."Link to folder in the file system".

However, there is no such problem  encountered when a set of java files are
added in a similar manner.

Let me know if this kind of error is logged in bugzilla , if not then I can
log the same .


Philips Semiconductors / CTO / Design Technology Group


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