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[cdt-dev] Down to 3 - CDT 2.1. Bugs

Great work team, although the quick reduction in bug count points to more 
work to be done in 3.0 or 2.1.1 ;-)

Here's the three that are currently open:
70974 maj P3 PC balask@xxxxxxxxxxxx NEW Class Browser Hierarchy - Null 
Pointer Exception
80119 nor P3 PC leo.treggiari@xxxxxxxxx NEW [Managed Build] Error in the 
Xlinker option's generated o...
76197 maj P3 PC sevoy@xxxxxxxxxx NEW [Managed Build] 
UpdateManagedProjectAction fails for thir... 

It would be great if we can make Tuesday's build the final RC.

Doug Schaefer, IBM's Technical Lead, Eclipse CDT
Ottawa Lab, IBM Canada, Rational Software Division

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