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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Build - What does "Updating Project..." actually do ?

FYI, the platform group have put some fixes into 3.1M4 which improves the UI availability for file systems that have expensive refresh/stating.  
Your CM system may be responsible for this.


cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 12/03/2004 02:50:45 PM:

> While progress monitor displaying this message, Eclipse refreshes
> project. Actually, Make Builder cannot guess which files in the project
> were modified during the build session., so it applies refreshLocal to
> the whole project, which is a time consuming operation for a big
> project, like in your case. At the first glance there is some space for
> optimization,. For example, maybe being a low priority operation,
> refreshing can be done out of the UI thread to avoid user waiting of its
> completion.  But I'm afraid to make any estimations about performance
> improvement.
> cebarne2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >Some of our users of the CDT are complaining about poor performance.
> >Well,
> >there are many contributors to this, but one in particular is a
> >post-build
> >delay. After the makefile has been built, the build continues to run for
> >a
> >while with the "Updating Project..." message.  What is it doing?  With
> >some
> >of our projects, even if trivial builds, this can take 30 seconds or
> >longer
> >(granted, there are a lot of files in the project).
> >
> >For this particular project, there may be 500 C/C++ files, but only a
> >handful are used for the build.  There are likely thousands of files
> >total.
> >These files are coming from a linked resource.  It is a standard make
> >project.
> >
> >If I can determine what is occuring at this time, I can begin to
> >eliminate
> >bottlenecks (is it the network, the CM system, etc?).
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Chad Barnes
> >Rockwell Collins, Inc.
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