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Re: [cdt-dev] comment line color

> > 
> > Any special insight into why this is a windows case-sensitivity issue?
> > Are you sure that it is?
> > 
> > I've been looking into the same problem today as this was filed as a bug
> > against our beta release last week.  If you have an idea of whether it's
> > possible to fix I'm willing to do the grunt work.
> > 
> > I've defined additional associations for .C and .CPP in
> > org.eclipse.cdt.core, as well as added these extensions in the editor
> > definitions in org.eclipse.cdt.ui, but to no avail thusfar.  I get types
> > and keywords highlighted, but comments and strings are not.
> > 
> > I'll keep banging away on it for now, but if it's just plain not fixable
> > please let me know :-)
> > 
> For this case, the fix was put in the head only.  Try the head, and let
> me know if you can reproduce this.

Sorry, I did not give much detail, was in a hurry.
The fix is a simple, in the plugin.xml when we are defining
the partitioners for the CEditor change the extension to '*'.

Unfortunate, that did not get put in 2.0.1.  But in all the PR
that I receive no one bother to set the Milestone.  So when
the PR for 2.0.1 got tallied it was missed.
(A lesson here folks, please make sure you marked the PR for correct milestone).

I've copy the relevant part for you(below), that will save you the headache.

Now, there is much more here, the behaviour hides other problems
concerning the ResolverModel, fix in the head.  And also the problem
of the inter-operability between the ResolverModel and the IContentManager
of Eclipse, we are working this out with the Plaform folks(I can forward the
relevant PRs if interested).

<!-- Define the document provider and partitionner for the CEditor -->

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