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Re: [cdt-dev] comment line color

> Any special insight into why this is a windows case-sensitivity issue?
> Are you sure that it is?
> I've been looking into the same problem today as this was filed as a bug
> against our beta release last week.  If you have an idea of whether it's
> possible to fix I'm willing to do the grunt work.
> I've defined additional associations for .C and .CPP in
> org.eclipse.cdt.core, as well as added these extensions in the editor
> definitions in org.eclipse.cdt.ui, but to no avail thusfar.  I get types
> and keywords highlighted, but comments and strings are not.
> I'll keep banging away on it for now, but if it's just plain not fixable
> please let me know :-)

For this case, the fix was put in the head only.  Try the head, and let
me know if you can reproduce this.

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