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Re: [cdt-dev] Preferences

Either (a) or (b) would work fine. (b) seems a bit more flexible, but since I can't imagine there'd be any need for that flexibility (how often are you going to have to morph one project into another?) I'd vote for (a).

With respect to x86/MIPS/whatever, part of the plan is to have code in the in the Preferences dialog that scans the libhover docs path looking for XML files and presenting the user with a button list to pick from. It takes noticeable time to parse the doc files so if a user is, e.g., using only straight C (i.e., no GTK, etc.) or whatever he can just deselect unnecessary stuff and save time. Is the Target stuff going into that level of detail? If not, I expect a manual libdocs selection mechanism will still be necessary, so it shouldn't add any complexity.


Alain Magloire wrote:

This is all good, except that this contribution should not be necessary

bind to the editors, i.e. I may want to extract some info to do some
code analysis for say.. building dependencies.

Maybe the simplest way is to change the interface:
ICCompletionContributor.iniatialize(IProject prj);

or add
ICCompletionContriubutor.setProject(IProject prj);

? Any others ?

Now this can get even more complex when we will add the notion of Targets, for
example a project compiling for MIPS, you do not want to show X86 information.
But .. let's not worry about it.

So chris what will work for you (a), (b) or do you have a (c) in mind ?

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