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Re: [cdt-dev] efence linker

> Hi,
> I'm writing a tool for CDT which goes as follows...
> I want a user to be able to compile a project with the
> electric fence library...
> Electric fence has few properties it needs to know
> about for each file. It uses the environment variables
> mechanism...
> I've managed to write a GUI that appears from a
> context-menu (right click) on a *.c file. There I edit
> the preferences for each file, and save it on disk
> using the IResource method "setPersistentProperty"...
> Now comes the problem. I would like to be able to
> compile all of the files with efence. Each file should
> be compiled with its own preferences and so I need a
> way to access the makefile (perhaps you have a better
> way?!)... Afterwards I need to compile each file...
> Please help....


It will depend of the build, use by the project.
So far 2 default builders are part of the CDT:

- managed builder
- standard make builder

* managed builder)
  This is still work in progress, the interface is still being work on, but
  I suppose you could create an "efence configuration" with the right settings/flags

* std make
  - The user will have to do the work
  - Create a template makefile part of the(action/wizard) that will be create for the user

They are "chats" about "ant/cpptask", cmake etc ... but nothing concrete about those builders.

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