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Re: [cdt-dev] Warning about use of nightly builds.

> This bug brings up a good point. The nightly builds are built against the 
> latest available Eclipse integration build at the time of the build 
> (Monday-Friday 3 a.m.) As such, there is a good chance that they will not 
> work against previous Eclipse builds, especially as binary 
> incompatibilities are still possible "as the Eclipse churns", and man is 
> it churning!
> Just a friendly reminder that nightly builds are use at your own risk, but 
> thanks for helping with our test effort :-) If you require a stable build, 
> please use one of the Milestone builds (e.g. M7 and the upcoming M8).

The problem is that many integration builds are not usable.  The
last two integrations were very hard on my mental sanity(GNU/Linux platform)
So basically I had to rewind to an "older" one.
So as a user, I can no longer follow the developement of the CDT(M7 will not
work with the latest builds).

How to make this easy for the cdt community ? good question.
Maybe when the stable "m8" is out, we could use it to do builds instead of
the moving integration targets.

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