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Re: [cdt-dev] Question: How to work with CDT if you can't get to CVS?

After installed CDT-full, you can import CDT projects like this:
File --> import --> External Plug-ins and Fragments
select "Extract source archives and create source folders in projects"
and in the next step, you can select the projects of CDT.

----- Original Message ----- 

> Folks,
>   I started to put together a "How to work with the CDT source from
> the binary drops" and I totally got stuck.  I thought that this would
> be a good entry for the FAQ since we often get questions about it 
> from CDT interested parties.   The big problem is how to actually do
> the source import.  Since we don't ship the .project files with the
> source packages, you can't directly import the projects.  Trying to
> create a new PDE project linked to the source location doesn't work
> either (ignores the fact there is source there).
>   Thoughts and/or hints? Is there anyone out there actually doing this?
> If not, then should we be putting up source bundles?
> Thanks,
>  Thomas
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