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[cdt-dev] Heads-up on a design change for default project configuration and target

Hi All,
I want to give the developers looking at the managed build system a heads-up on an unanticipated design change that will be needed to solve bugzilla 54202. The problem is that I am using the cdtbuild file to store the last target and configuration the user was editing. When the user changes configurations in the UI (even to simply verify the settings), I update the cdtbuild file. Since this file is checked into source control, it gets checked out all the time.

Clearly, the solution is to store the last viewed/edited configuration in the project's persistent property store on a per-user basis. Frankly, this was a convenience feature to begin with, so where the information gets stored is not that important to me. The changes to the persist-load logic for a project is small. However, if this is going to cause problems for your ongoing work, you have small window to let me know and I will try and accommodate your concerns.

Sean Evoy
Rational Software - IBM Software Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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