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Re: [cdt-dev] Heads-up: A new renaming UI tool

> Hello everyone,
> I have been working on a new UI tool for renaming model elements. It 
> relies on search in finding all occurrences of a specific model element 
> and changes the found occurrences in the code to a new name. It could be 
> invoked by a menu item in the C/C++ Packages view.
> I have used the basic architecture of the JDT refactoring, but simplified 
> it to a great extent. In JDT, refactoring has many specific options 
> depending on the renamed element. It also has an undo manager and a 
> sophisticated preview page. Further, JDT has defined refactoring as an 
> extension point such that participants could change its behavior if they 
> wish. 
> The new tool does not have all of this. It just has a simple preview where 
> the user can choose to apply changes to a whole file or skip that specific 
> file. It totally depends on search, so its correctness is fairly high. It 
> is not too sophisticated and it does not have an undo manager; however, it 
> can be viewed as a seed that could be added to later to develop a solid 
> refactoring tool. 
> I am still testing the tool, but I am planning to submit it soon. I am 
> interested to know what everyone thinks about this.

Bring them on!

Very cool.

You can isolate the code by creating a new package for it and if
needs be a new source folder.

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