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RE: [cdt-dev] Suggested change to String option command generation.

Regarding round-trip editing and Visual Studio.  Visual C++ used to support that, but hasn't since Visual Studio .NET.  I don't know if they gave it up because they didn't think it was used by many people, or because it was "too hard".  Visual C++ still does display the entire command line and has an edit box for "Additional Options".


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> As a related topic, something we at TI were thinking of doing sometime
> down the road was extending the "catch all" box so that it would show
> the full command line string that would be passed to the tool (i.e. it
> would pick up the output of all the other options based on their states)
> so that the user a) could actually see everything that would be passed
> to the tool and in what order, and b) so in theory the user could edit
> whatever they wanted in that box and theoretically have it parsed back
> and reflected in the other options in the GUI (e.g. if you turned on the
> symbolic debug checkbox, and then in the "full command to tool" box you
> removed the -g flag, then the symbolic debug checkbox would get
> unchecked).

This is a great idea, especially the round-trip editing which is very 
nice to have.  I believe MS Visual Studio does this as well...

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