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Re: [cdt-dev] Suggested change to String option command generation.

As a related topic, something we at TI were thinking of doing sometime
down the road was extending the "catch all" box so that it would show
the full command line string that would be passed to the tool (i.e. it
would pick up the output of all the other options based on their states)
so that the user a) could actually see everything that would be passed
to the tool and in what order, and b) so in theory the user could edit
whatever they wanted in that box and theoretically have it parsed back
and reflected in the other options in the GUI (e.g. if you turned on the
symbolic debug checkbox, and then in the "full command to tool" box you
removed the -g flag, then the symbolic debug checkbox would get

This is a great idea, especially the round-trip editing which is very nice to have. I believe MS Visual Studio does this as well...


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