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RE: [cdt-dev] Developer reference material

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From: Bill Turner [mailto:turner158@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: February 27, 2004 6:45 PM
To: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [cdt-dev] Developer reference material

Hi, I'm wondering if there is reference API documentation for developers of IDE products that will include CDT?
There seems to be a grand total of exactly one such document on the CDT site, and it only discusses one recent optional piece, Managed Build. I've also seen the table of "feature specs" and "design specs", of course.
Some documents one can stumble over in the cvs tree that seem to be important, like ("CDT Project Extensions") don't appear on the web page and appear to have no links pointing to them.
This is likely an oversight and as you run across documents which aren't linked to the website, please let us
know about them.  There are several outstanding documents and several "empty" documents which should
be added/removed respectively.
I've generated javadoc with a command line script, since 3.0M7 throws an IOException when I try File | Export | Javadoc on CDT checkouts.
Is there a canonical way of generating CDT javadoc? An existing publication of it?
No publication of one, but it should be relatively straightforward.  Most of the current developers are actually
using the source as the documentation and the API's and JavaDoc components are still being added piecemeal
as areas are receiving focus.  Again, if you would like to do a quick write-up of "what works for you" to generate
the CDT javadoc, I don't think that there will be any opposition to posting it.
Is there a list of the extension points with a little bit of discussion?
Unfortunately, the early CDT was written without all of the nice schema components which the PDE offers and as
such some of the extension points are a bit "mystical".  This should not be true of the newer extension points which
have been added and they should have documentation as part of the schema.  Again, feel free to highlight and/or
submit patches to address these shortcomings.
I gather that most IDE's shipping CDT as a component ship a modified version. Is this true? Does QNX ship a modified version or do they actually add their support via the existing extension points?
Do developers at QNX use the same documentation that I'm searching for? (It's hard to know exactly how to phrase this question, since I clearly haven't found "the documentation", but YKWIM.)
I can only speak for QNX in this matter and not other companies.  We ship a totally stock CDT at what-ever latest
stable version we are targetting (ie version < 1.0, 1.0, 1.2.1).  All of the "customization" which has been done to
provide a QNX centric development environment has been done as extensions to components (ie the debugger,
specific flavours of build system, completion/hover help) or contributions (ie editor commands).  The contributions
almost always get rolled into the next version if they are of general interest.
Please help! Going back to reading source code...
The source code is currently (at least until 2.0) the definitive area for learning.  This is true even of Eclipse.
Hope this helps,

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