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[cdt-dev] Changes to the CDT 2.0 Plan

Kleo and I have made a few changes to the CDT 2.0 plan  -- mostly moving items to the committed list, and adding design documentation to the plan items.  If you have any comments on the documentation please let us know.

In addition we have created a new web page describing what we mean when we move something to the committed state (

        - Dave


Moved CDT Usability -- environment Set-up from proposed list to committed list (and updated design documentation)
Moved C/C++ Search enhancement feature to committed list (and updated design documentation)
Moved C++ Parser Enhancements to the committed list (and updated design documentation)
Added Design specification for Essential Managed Build Enhancements (IBM-Rational)
Added Design specification for Globalization to the Internationalization and Accessibility Feature

Plan Items

CDT Usability - Environment Set-up. CDT features such as search and content assist require environment information (include paths, libraries, #defines, etc.) in order to work properly. Currently, when working with existing code, the user must set up all of that information manually, which in addition to being time consuming is also very prone to error. Some enhancements are needed so that the required environment information can be extracted from existing source code with minimal input from the user. (47465)  (Feature Spec)    (Design Spec)

C/C++ Search enhancements. This feature will be enhanced to add the capability of selecting a name in the editor and searching for declarations, definitions, and references to that name. The parser will be used to determine accurately the appropriate C/C++ definition of the name to be used in the search.  (47438) (feature spec)    (Design Spec)

C++ Parser Enhancements. Enhancements to the parser for supporting content assist &selection search/navigation. Also to provide improved error handling and traceability, improved support for GCC and to support Internationalization. (50432)(Parser Feature spec)   (Parser Symbol Table Feature Spec)    (Parser Design Spec)  (Parser Symbol Table Design Spec)

Internationalization and Accessibility. Normally, these capabilities should be designed into features as they have been developed. Areas where this hasn't be done will be addressed in this release. The objective is to allow translation of the CDT to different languages and to comply with government standards on accessibility.  (47529)  (Globalization Design Spec)

Essential Managed Build Enhancements (IBM-Rational). Plan item (47435) proposals a large number of enhancements to the managed build system. While of those proposals are valid and valuable, they are too many for any one contributor to tackle them all. This plan item covers a small, manageable yet essential subset of the overall list that IBM-Rational will implement for the 2.0 release. (49145)   (feature spec)    (Design Spec)

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