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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] More web site updates

2 quick comments for the FAQ:

1) To the Debugging C/C++ Projects section, we should add a question along 
the lines of "Why doesn't the debugger stop at my breakpoints?".
The answer would be to compile with debug symbols.  Kesselhaus had a good 
answer to this question in the newsgroup on 2/12/2004.

2) In the Working ON the CDT section, question 1, answer part 2 c, we 
recommend selecting all the cdt plugins.  Perhaps this should be all 
except org.eclipse.cdt.old


David Daoust/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
Sent by: cdt-patch-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
02/17/2004 03:11 PM
Please respond to


[cdt-patch] More web site updates

Here are two updates for the CDT web site: 

An updated FAQ -- belongs in cdt-home/user   I did not produce a patch -- 
the changes are substantial. 

A news page (in patch form) 

        - Dave 
[attachment "faq.html" deleted by Andrew Niefer/Ottawa/IBM] [attachment 
"news.txt" deleted by Andrew Niefer/Ottawa/IBM] 

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