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Re: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

Alain Magloire <alain@xxxxxxx> said:

> > 
> > Incidentally I actually think that I did have a patch lost on the
> mailing
> > list since the functionality doesn't seem to be in 1.2 for something I
> > used (Navigate, show in ...) =;-)
> > 
> 8-)
> I this particular case, ShowIn etc ...
> Your patch was trying to fix too many problems at the same time
> like changing the CEditor context menu etc ... which was inappropriate.
> You have to remember we were going to realease the CDT-1.2(back in
> December).
> Part of the patch was applied but only to the head.  It was never
> moved back the branch 1.2.
> For the same reasons that other patches were turned down(for the
> branch), to many
> code changes for non-critical features in the 1.2 branch.
> P.S: You had a PR for this patch, btw 8-)

Sigh ... skunked =;-)

I remember now. I thought that this one was accepted but it was the
CEditor menu reshuffling which wasn't!  I thought that it was also
before 1.2, but in any case it was certainly a non-critical patch. I
just was surprised when I went to use it with 1.2 and it wasn't there.

Must be getting old, my memory is failing me!

Thanks for the refresh,

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