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Re: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

> Incidentally I actually think that I did have a patch lost on the mailing
> list since the functionality doesn't seem to be in 1.2 for something I
> used (Navigate, show in ...) =;-)

I this particular case, ShowIn etc ...
Your patch was trying to fix too many problems at the same time
like changing the CEditor context menu etc ... which was inappropriate.
You have to remember we were going to realease the CDT-1.2(back in December).

Part of the patch was applied but only to the head.  It was never
moved back the branch 1.2.
For the same reasons that other patches were turned down(for the branch), to many
code changes for non-critical features in the 1.2 branch.

P.S: You had a PR for this patch, btw 8-)

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