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RE: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

Actually, since we have had the cvs log report generator, the committers haven't been posting to cdt-patch anyway. If you want to watch what's going on, check the logs at:

I'm not sure how the Platform's inbox accounts work but one thing would be for certain, they'll be pretty noisy...

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Robb, Sam" <sam.robb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: cdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

02/10/2004 10:01 AM

Please respond to

RE: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

> Along with this proposal would be a continuation of the
> proposal to institute an inbox mailing list as the default
> owners on new bugs. The idea would be that all committers
> would be members of the inbox list so they can see when
> new bugs get raised and patch requests come in.

Well, I'm not a comitter, but I *am* interested in keeping
an eye on the work that's going into CDT.  Right now, my
subscription to cdt-patch (kinda sorta) fulfills this

Would arbitrary users (like myself) be able to subscribe to
the inbox list for bugzilla notifications?


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