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[cdt-dev] bug 39673

I see from Sebastien's slides that he showed at the conference, that
supposedly the following changes to the Expression View will be happening
for CDT 2.0

* Make persistent across workbench sessions
* Add actions to the Expressions view

Does this mean that someone will be committing a fix for this bug?

Right now this bug is a real pain for us, as the "Add Watch Expression"
entry in the context menu seems generic, but it is not.  Really it's "Add
Java Watch Expression" in disguise, and if you try to use it while debugging
C/C++ programs, the Expression View will throw errors because you are not
Java debugging and thus it can't evaluate the expression.  Not exactly the
best experience for our customers, who will most likely be Eclipse novices.

I have been looking into fixing it myself over the past few days.  So far
the best solution I've thought of is to modify the text of the action
contributed by JDT to reference "Java" (so that it's not confusing), and add
some kind of extension point that would allow CDT and other contributing
plugins to add their own Actions to the Expression View's context menu.
After seeing that tidbit in the slides though, I thought I should check with
someone, as it doesn't make sense for me to duplicate work :-)

There are other options of course for a solution, but so far the above
seemed the most attractive due to a) being relatively easy, and b) not
requiring a lot of architectural rework.

Any info or feedback will be appreciated.



Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
IDE Frameworks Group
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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