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Re: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

Good points Thomas,

I've seen many patches in the bugzilla, some are pretty big (e.g. the 64-bit port of SWT done by Red Hat). There shouldn't be any technical issues that can't be solved.

I'm just worried that the patches are getting buried in the mailing list as it is. I know for a fact that at least one patch went into the list just before Christmas and got "lost" and there are a number of patches in limbo that were submitted last week. The biggest problem I see, especially as the number of committers grow, is who owns committing a given patch. With bugzilla, you can see whether someone has started to look at your patch and who that someone is. Also, it would be easier to track from the commit log (which should have the bugzilla number ;-) to the original patch as opposed to digging through the mailing list archives for it (I know my lawyers would be happy to see this).

At any rate, in the end, it can be a personal choice. If someone wants to track their patches in bugzilla, they can. We certainly are not going to reject a patch because it showed up there instead of the patch list.

Doug Schaefer, Senior Software Developer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Thomas Fletcher" <thomasf@xxxxxxx>

02/10/2004 04:44 AM

Please respond to

<cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Douglas Schaefer/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
Re: [cdt-dev] Proposal - abolish cdt-patch

Douglas Schaefer <dschaefe@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> That should grab your attention.
> One thing I notice the Eclipse platform folks doing is using bugzilla
> for submitting, holding discussions, and managing patches. The problem I
> see with our cdt-patch list, especially after a week when a lot of
> committers were away, is loosing track of which patches have been
> applied and ownership on who is going to apply them. Using bugzilla will
> give patches an owner and a status and reduce our dependency on all of
> the committers' mail system to ensure patches get appropriate attention.
> Along with this proposal would be a continuation of the proposal to
> institute an inbox mailing list as the default owners on new bugs. The
> idea would be that all committers would be members of the inbox list so
> they can see when new bugs get raised and patch requests come in.


I like the idea of having the discussions go on via bugzilla rather than
in the patch list ... but unfortunately for submitting patches I have
never been able to attach a patch to bugzilla, and I worry about patches
being "buried" and getting lost until someone goes and gets into their
bugzilla bugs.  With the exception of the occasional burst of activity,
I don't find that the cdt-patch list is terribly full of traffic.


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